Commit da4495fc authored by baujc's avatar baujc

Suppress obsolete and unused callbacks

- Removed master_msg, s1, execute slave
parent 0b031b22
......@@ -159,7 +159,6 @@ typedef struct MsgAnnounce {
ClockIdentity grandmasterIdentity;
UInteger16 stepsRemoved;
Enumeration8 timeSource;
unsigned long ext_specific; /* used by extension */
} MsgAnnounce;
/* Sync Message (table 26, page 129) */
......@@ -192,12 +192,8 @@ struct pp_ext_hooks {
int (*open)(struct pp_instance *ppi, struct pp_runtime_opts *rt_opts);
int (*close)(struct pp_instance *ppi);
int (*listening)(struct pp_instance *ppi, void *buf, int len);
int (*master_msg)(struct pp_instance *ppi, void *buf,
int len, int msgtype);
int (*new_slave)(struct pp_instance *ppi, void *buf, int len);
int (*handle_resp)(struct pp_instance *ppi);
void (*s1)(struct pp_instance *ppi, struct pp_frgn_master *frgn_master);
int (*execute_slave)(struct pp_instance *ppi);
int (*handle_announce)(struct pp_instance *ppi);
int (*handle_sync)(struct pp_instance *ppi);
int (*handle_followup)(struct pp_instance *ppi);
......@@ -304,9 +304,6 @@ void bmc_s1(struct pp_instance *ppi,
prop->ptpTimescale = ((frgn_master->flagField[1] & FFB_PTP) != 0);
prop->timeSource = frgn_master->timeSource;
if (is_ext_hook_available(ppi,s1))
ppi->ext_hooks->s1(ppi, frgn_master);
/* Disable timer (if needed) used to go to GM by BMCA */
......@@ -886,10 +883,6 @@ void bmc_store_frgn_master(struct pp_instance *ppi,
&ann.grandmasterIdentity, sizeof(ClockIdentity));
frgn_master->stepsRemoved = ann.stepsRemoved;
frgn_master->timeSource = ann.timeSource;
//TODO do we need a hook for this?
frgn_master->ext_specific = ann.ext_specific;
void bmc_add_frgn_master(struct pp_instance *ppi, struct pp_frgn_master *frgn_master)
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