Commit b41b238e authored by Aurelio Colosimo's avatar Aurelio Colosimo

arch-bare-linux/Makefile: add -fno-stack-protector

Patch coming from ptp-proposal (author: Alessandro Rubini)
Some distributions (e.g: ubuntu-lucid) use the stack protector by
default. This disables it so arch-bare-linux can compile and run.
The option is present at least from gcc-4.2, but 4.0 and ealier ones
are known not to accept it.
parent ec332e3f
# Alessandro Rubini for CERN, 2011 -- public domain
CFLAGS += -ffreestanding -Os
CFLAGS += -ffreestanding -Os -fno-stack-protector
ARCH_LDFLAGS = -nostdlib -static -T $(ARCH).lds
# All files are under A (short for ARCH): I'm lazy
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