Commit 97d29bd5 authored by Alessandro Rubini's avatar Alessandro Rubini

Revert "unix-socket: get interface name from port name by default"

This reverts commit 67b8a0f1.

It is now redundant, as we make it at config time.
parent 81248d9e
......@@ -498,10 +498,6 @@ static int unix_net_init(struct pp_instance *ppi)
/* The buffer is inside ppi, but we need to set pointers and align */
if (!ppi->iface_name || !ppi->iface_name[0])
/* No interface name, set it to port name */
ppi->iface_name = ppi->port_name;
switch(ppi->proto) {
pp_diag(ppi, frames, 1, "unix_net_init raw Ethernet\n");
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