Commit 043af2b4 authored by Jean-Claude BAU's avatar Jean-Claude BAU

Fix issue: Enable PPS output for GM when PLL not locked at startup

parent a0091b90
......@@ -128,7 +128,10 @@ static unsigned int run_all_state_machines(struct pp_globals *ppg)
if ( WRS_ARCH_G(ppg)->timingModeLockingState==WRH_TM_LOCKING_STATE_LOCKING ||
WRS_ARCH_G(ppg)->timingModeLockingState==WRH_TM_LOCKING_STATE_ERROR) {
// Was not locked before
TOPS(INST(ppg,0))->set(INST(ppg,0),NULL); // GM locked: set the time
struct pp_instance *ppi=INST(ppg,0);
TOPS(ppi)->set(ppi,NULL); // GM locked: set the time
TOPS(ppi)->enable_timing_output(ppg,1); // Enable timing output
// Update timingModeLockingState field
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