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    compliance: 11.2 c: take followup cf into account · c371afa5
    Davide Ciminaghi authored
    11.2 c says:
    If the twoStepFlag bit of the flagField of the of the Sync message is TRUE,
    indicating that a Follow_Up message will be received, then
            <offsetFromMaster> = <syncEventIngressTimestamp> -
           <preciseOriginTimestamp> - <meanPathDelay> -
           correctionField of Sync message -
           correctionField of Follow_Up message.
    Before this patch, only the correctionField of the Sync message was
    subtracted. We fix things by adding the Follow_Up correctionField to the
    Sync correctionField.
    Now m_to_s_dly as calculated in pp_servo_got_sync is:
    t2 - t1 - sync_cf - follow_up_cf
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