User Guide


Please note that you only need to register and request membership for a project if you need write access on the wiki and repositories. Read access is universal.

Everything on this site is readable by everyone. You will not be able to access more material by registering.

Also, subscribing to the Discourse forums is independent from OHR membership.

If there really is a project that you need to have write access on (and only then), you have to register. After that you should ask the administrator of the project to give you access rights. If you still think you need to register, please contact Javier.Serrano (insert a "@" here) by sending a him or one of the other OHWR administrators your Name, Username and E-mail.


Wiki editing

The wiki editing uses a language called GitLab Flavored Markdown (GFM)


The repositories are used to store full hardware design information and source files of firmware and software. Someone who likes to continue a development should be able to check out a Repository and have all needed information. Here are a couple of example policies currently used in OHR projects for handling contributions:

Git repositories

The Git repositories are available to everyone on read-only mode.

If you want to clone a git repository in read-only mode, you have to use a command like the following:

git clone git:

(Notice that we are using the white-rabbit/wr-switch-sw project for this example. You may get the correct url from your project's repository page)

The only requisite for cloning a repository this way is that you have git installed and configured on your machine.

Read/write access has more requirements.

You may browse the Git-Client-Setup page for instructions about how to install & configure Git.

Once the previous requirements are met, you will be able to clone the repository by executing a command similar to this one:

git clone

Notice that the syntax of the link is slightly different from the read-only version, and that we are again using white-rabbit/wr-switch-sw as an example.

Other info

10 January 2022