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    Reformat CSS to use the coding standard. #947 · f983b451
    Andrew Smith authored
    Formatting was done mostly by hand using the following as a guide
    " Replace all sequences of white spaces with one space
    :%s/[ \t\n]\+/ /g
    " Go to the end of the command, then forward one character and insert
    " a newline
    " Make sure there is a semi-colon before each closing bracket
    :%s/\([^; ]\) *}/\1;}/g
    " Add a newline after every semi-colon
    " Add a newline after every opening brace and make put one space
    " between it and the preceeding text
    :%s/\([^ ]*\) *{/\1 {^M/g
    " Add two newlines after every closing brace
    " Remove 'trailing' spaces in front of the semi-colons
    :%s/ *;/;/g
    " Make sure there is only one space after a colon
    :%s/: */: /g
    " Make the text before the colon lowercase
    " Remove all trailing spaces at the beginning of lines
    :%s/^ \+/g
    " Indent the whole file
    " Split each rule onto its own line (This also matched some
    " property/value combos so needed confirming
    :%s/\([a-z0-9]\+\), \+/\1,^M/gc
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