Commit e8f3dd07 authored by Jean-Baptiste Barth's avatar Jean-Baptiste Barth

Added ability to specify multiple projects in User#allowed_to? (#5332)

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parent fda1a0cb
......@@ -344,12 +344,17 @@ class User < Principal
!roles_for_project(project).detect {|role| role.member?}.nil?
# Return true if the user is allowed to do the specified action on project
# action can be:
# Return true if the user is allowed to do the specified action on a specific context
# Action can be:
# * a parameter-like Hash (eg. :controller => 'projects', :action => 'edit')
# * a permission Symbol (eg. :edit_project)
# Context can be:
# * a project : returns true if user is allowed to do the specified action on this project
# * a group of projects : returns true if user is allowed on every project
# * nil with options[:global] set : check if user has at least one role allowed for this action,
# or falls back to Non Member / Anonymous permissions depending if the user is logged
def allowed_to?(action, project, options={})
if project
if project && project.is_a?(Project)
# No action allowed on archived projects
return false unless
# No action allowed on disabled modules
......@@ -361,6 +366,11 @@ class User < Principal
return false unless roles
roles.detect {|role| (project.is_public? || role.member?) && role.allowed_to?(action)}
elsif project && project.is_a?(Array)
# Authorize if user is authorized on every element of the array
project.inject do |memo,p|
memo && allowed_to?(action,p,options)
elsif options[:global]
# Admin users are always authorized
return true if admin?
......@@ -396,6 +396,19 @@ class UserTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase
assert ! @dlopper.allowed_to?(:delete_messages, project) #Developper
context "with multiple projects" do
should "return false if array is empty" do
assert ! @admin.allowed_to?(:view_project, [])
should "return true only if user has permission on all these projects" do
assert @admin.allowed_to?(:view_project, Project.all)
assert ! @dlopper.allowed_to?(:view_project, Project.all) #cannot see Project(2)
assert @jsmith.allowed_to?(:edit_issues, @jsmith.projects) #Manager or Developer everywhere
assert ! @jsmith.allowed_to?(:delete_issue_watchers, @jsmith.projects) #Dev cannot delete_issue_watchers
context "with options[:global]" do
should "authorize if user has at least one role that has this permission" do
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