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Update changelog for 2.6.0 release

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= ChiliProject changelog
== 2012-01-03 v2.6.0
* Bug #356: Clicking on login while logged-in logs you out
* Bug #463: REST API does not accept Basic HTTP auth when running through Apache mod_proxy
* Bug #708: AAJ does not create journals, when models are created using sub classes
* Bug #740: Revision page, new files are not displayed (Git Repo)
* Bug #746: Problems with rdm-mailhandler.rb
* Bug #748: ChiliProject::VERSION.revision doesn't capture error output
* Bug #761: Fix quoting in shell-out (git adapter)
* Bug #812: Change references to Redmine
* Feature #298: Seperate core plugins and user plugins into different directories
* Feature #388: Add LDAP filter to ldap authentication
* Feature #486: Do not display edit link in annotation page when you don't have permissions
* Feature #733: Add css class for issues that are due today
* Feature #785: pt-BR translation updates
* Feature #789: Provide a rackup file for Rack-only servers like
== 2011-11-30 v2.5.0
* Bug #258: Upgrade from ruby-net-ldap to net-ldap gem
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