Commit 2d240fc3 authored by Holger Just's avatar Holger Just

[#709] Fix cache poisoning vector if credential caching is enabled.

The cache did not distinguish between cached credentials for read and write
access. As it does not check permissions again if there is a cache hit, users
with authorization for either reading or writing could poison the cache and
subsequently authorize themselves for both access types.

Original fix is by Jean-Philippe Lang,
parent b2bbc1cb
......@@ -438,10 +438,12 @@ sub is_member {
my $pass_digest = Digest::SHA1::sha1_hex($redmine_pass);
my $access_mode = request_is_read_only($r) ? "R" : "W";
my $cfg = Apache2::Module::get_config(__PACKAGE__, $r->server, $r->per_dir_config);
my $usrprojpass;
if ($cfg->{RedmineCacheCredsMax}) {
$usrprojpass = $cfg->{RedmineCacheCreds}->get($redmine_user.":".$project_id);
$usrprojpass = $cfg->{RedmineCacheCreds}->get($redmine_user.":".$project_id.":".$access_mode);
return 1 if (defined $usrprojpass and ($usrprojpass eq $pass_digest));
my $query = $cfg->{RedmineQuery};
......@@ -484,10 +486,10 @@ sub is_member {
if ($cfg->{RedmineCacheCredsMax} and $ret) {
if (defined $usrprojpass) {
$cfg->{RedmineCacheCreds}->set($redmine_user.":".$project_id, $pass_digest);
$cfg->{RedmineCacheCreds}->set($redmine_user.":".$project_id.":".$access_mode, $pass_digest);
} else {
if ($cfg->{RedmineCacheCredsCount} < $cfg->{RedmineCacheCredsMax}) {
$cfg->{RedmineCacheCreds}->set($redmine_user.":".$project_id, $pass_digest);
$cfg->{RedmineCacheCreds}->set($redmine_user.":".$project_id.":".$access_mode, $pass_digest);
} else {
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