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Updated CHANGELOG for 1.1.0 release.

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== Redmine changelog
Redmine - project management software
Copyright (C) 2006-2010 Jean-Philippe Lang
Copyright (C) 2006-2011 Jean-Philippe Lang
== 2011-01-09 v1.1.0
* Defect #2038: Italics in wiki headers show-up wrong in the toc
* Defect #3449: Redmine Takes Too Long On Large Mercurial Repository
* Defect #3567: Sorting for changesets might go wrong on Mercurial repos
* Defect #3707: {{toc}} doesn't work with {{include}}
* Defect #5096: Redmine hangs up while browsing Git repository
* Defect #6000: Safe Attributes prevents plugin extension of Issue model...
* Defect #6064: Modules not assigned to projects created via API
* Defect #6110: MailHandler should allow updating Issue Priority and Custom fields
* Defect #6136: JSON API holds less information than XML API
* Defect #6345: xml used by rest API is invalid
* Defect #6348: Gantt chart PDF rendering errors
* Defect #6403: Updating an issue with custom fields fails
* Defect #6467: "Member of role", "Member of group" filter not work correctly
* Defect #6473: New gantt broken after clearing issue filters
* Defect #6541: Email notifications send to everybody
* Defect #6549: Notification settings not migrated properly
* Defect #6591: Acronyms must have a minimum of three characters
* Defect #6674: Delete time log broken after changes to REST
* Defect #6681: Mercurial, Bazaar and Darcs auto close issue text should be commit id instead of revision number
* Defect #6724: Wiki uploads does not work anymore (SVN 4266)
* Defect #6746: Wiki links are broken on Activity page
* Defect #6747: Wiki diff does not work since r4265
* Defect #6763: New gantt charts: subject displayed twice on issues
* Defect #6826: Clicking "Add" twice creates duplicate member record
* Defect #6844: Unchecking status filter on the issue list has no effect
* Defect #6895: Wrong Polish translation of "blocks"
* Defect #6943: Migration from boolean to varchar fails on PostgreSQL 8.1
* Defect #7064: Mercurial adapter does not recognize non alphabetic nor numeric in UTF-8 copied files
* Defect #7128: New gantt chart does not render subtasks under parent task
* Defect #7135: paging mechanism returns the same last page forever
* Defect #7188: Activity page not refreshed when changing language
* Defect #7195: Apply CLI-supplied defaults for incoming mail only to new issues not replies
* Defect #7197: Tracker reset to default when replying to an issue email
* Defect #7213: Copy project does not copy all roles and permissions
* Defect #7225: Project settings: Trackers & Custom fields only relevant if module Issue tracking is active
* Feature #630: Allow non-unique names for projects
* Feature #1738: Add a "Visible" flag to project/user custom fields
* Feature #2803: Support for Javascript in Themes
* Feature #2852: Clean Incoming Email of quoted text "----- Reply above this line ------"
* Feature #2995: Improve error message when trying to access an archived project
* Feature #3170: Autocomplete issue relations on subject
* Feature #3503: Administrator Be Able To Modify Email settings Of Users
* Feature #4155: Automatic spent time logging from commit messages
* Feature #5136: Parent select on Wiki rename page
* Feature #5338: Descendants (subtasks) should be available via REST API
* Feature #5494: Wiki TOC should display heading from level 4
* Feature #5594: Improve MailHandler's keyword handling
* Feature #5622: Allow version to be set via incoming email
* Feature #5712: Reload themes
* Feature #5869: Issue filters by Group and Role
* Feature #6092: Truncate Git revision labels in Activity page/feed and allow configurable length
* Feature #6112: Accept localized keywords when receiving emails
* Feature #6140: REST issues response with issue count limit and offset
* Feature #6260: REST API for Users
* Feature #6276: Gantt Chart rewrite
* Feature #6446: Remove length limits on project identifier and name
* Feature #6628: Improvements in truncate email
* Feature #6779: Project JSON API
* Feature #6823: REST API for time tracker.
* Feature #7072: REST API for news
* Feature #7111: Expose more detail on journal entries
* Feature #7141: REST API: get information about current user
* Patch #4807: Allow to set the done_ratio field with the incoming mail system
* Patch #5441: Initialize TimeEntry attributes with params[:time_entry]
* Patch #6762: Use GET instead of POST to retrieve context_menu
* Patch #7160: French translation ofr "not_a_date" is missing
* Patch #7212: Missing remove_index in AddUniqueIndexOnMembers down migration
== 2010-12-23 v1.0.5
* #6656: Mercurial adapter loses seconds of commit times
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