Commit 0912e0de authored by Holger Just's avatar Holger Just

Update changelog for 2.3.0 release

parent 2e10441e
= ChiliProject changelog
== 2011-10-04 v2.3.0
* Bug #594: Wiki Diff somehow off
* Bug #617: Gemfile: Missing database related platform block for Windows + RubyInstaller
* Bug #619: allows anonymous read access to repositories even if Anonymous role prohibits it
* Bug #633: Update from 1.x to 2.x impossible under rare but valid circumstances
* Feature #355: Turn on/off the if the start date will autofill by default
* Feature #566: The "Watcher" filter should show all users.
* Feature #644: Add Check/Uncheck all links to project form
== 2011-08-27 v2.2.0
* Bug #256: requires_redmine_plugin should defer loading plugins if not all dependencies are met
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