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    Added branch and tag support to the git repository viewer. (#1406) · c28b044d
    Eric Davis authored
    Many thanks to Adam Soltys and everyone else who tested this patch.
    * Updated git test repository so it has a branch with some differences from the master branch
    * Moved redmine diff class into a module so as not to clash with diff-lcs gem which is required by grit
    * Find changesets from all branches, not just master
    * Got revision browsing working
    * Got file actions working properly
    * Allow browsing by short form of commit identifier
    * Added a method to retrieve repository branches
    * Allow browsing by branch names as well as commit numbers
    * Handle the case where a git repository has no master branch
    * Expand revision box and handle finding revisions by first 8 characters
    * Added branches dropdown to repository show page
    * Combined repository browse and show into a single action.  Moved branch/revision navigation into a partial.
    * Renamed partial navigation -> breadcrumbs
    * Made it so latest revisions list uses branch and path context
    * Preserve current path when changing branch or revision
    * Perform slightly more graceful error handling in the case of invalid repository URLs
    * Allow branch names to contain periods
    * Allow dashes in branch names
    * Sort branches by name
    * Adding tags dropdown
    * Need to disable both branches and tags dropdowns before submitting revision form
    * Support underscores in revision (branch/tag) names
    * Making file history sensitive to current branch/tag/revision, adding common navigation to changes page
    * Updated translation files to include labels for 'branch', 'tag', and 'view all revisions'
    * Reenable fields after submit so they don't look disabled and don't stay disabled on browser back button
    * Instead of dashes just use empty string for default dropdown value
    * Individual entry views now sport the upgraded revision navigation
    * Don't display dropdowns with no entries
    * Consider all revisions when doing initial load
    * Fixed bug grabbing changesets.  Thanks to Bernhard Furtmueller for catching.
    * Always check the entire log to find new revisions, rather than trying to go forward from the latest known one
    * Added some cleverness to avoid selecting the whole changesets table any time someone views the repository root
    * File copies and renames being detected properly
    * Return gracefully if no revisions are found in the git log
    * Applied patch from Babar Le Lapin to improve Windows compatibility
    git-svn-id: svn+ssh://rubyforge.org/var/svn/redmine/trunk@2840 e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81
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