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    Converted routing and urls to follow the Rails REST convention. · 765f7abc
    Eric Davis authored
    Patch supplied by commits from Gerrit Kaiser on Github.  Existing routes will
    still work (backwards compatible) but any new urls will be generated using the
    new routing rules.
    Changes listed below:
    * made the URLs for some project tabs and project settings follow the new rails RESTful conventions of /collection/:id/subcollection/:sub_id
    * prettier URL for project roadmap
    * more nice project URLs
    * use GET for filtering form
    * prettified URLs used on issues tab
    * custom route for activity atom feeds
    * prettier repository urls
    * fixed broken route definition
    * fixed failing tests for issuecontroller that were hardcoding the url string
    * more RESTful routes for boards and messages
    * RESTful routes for wiki pages
    * RESTful routes for documents
    * moved old routes that are retained for compatibility to the bottom and grouped them together
    * added RESTful URIs for issues
    * RESTfulness for the news section
    * fixed route order
    * changed hardcoded URLs in tests
    * fixed badly written tests
    * fixed forgotten parameter in routes
    * changed hardcoded URLS to new scheme
    * changed project add url to the standard POST to collection
    * create new issue by POSTing to collection
    * changed hardcoded URLs in integrations tests
    * made project add form work again
    * restful routes for project deletion
    * prettier routes for project (un)archival
    * made routes table more readable
    * fixed note quoting
    * user routing
    * fixed bug
    * always sort by GET
    * Fixed: cross-project issue list should not show issues of projects for which the issue tracking module was disabled.
    * prettified URLs used on issues tab
    * urls for time log
    * fixed reply routing
    * eliminate revision query paremeter for diff and entry actions
    * fixed test failures with hard-coded urls
    * ensure ajax links always use get
    * refactored ajax link generation into separate method
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