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= ChiliProject

ChiliProject is a web based project management system. It supports your team throughout the complete project life cycle, from setting up and discussing a project plan, over tracking issues and reporting work progress to collaboratively sharing knowledge.

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More documentation and user guides can be found on the official website[] and in the doc/ directory.

== Getting Started

We have a complete {install guide}[] online.
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== Getting Help

ChiliProject is an run by a community of volunteers. We have set up different ways to get help depending on your preferences.

* Self guided help and user documentation -
* Forums for specific questions -
* Real time chat using IRC -
* Commercial support -

== Contributing

We welcome all help for the project, no task is too small.  Our documentation is editable by anyone on our wiki[], we accept patches on our {issue tracker}[], and everyone is welcome to discuss the project in our forums[].

More details can be found on our Contribute page[].

== License

ChiliProject is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.  See the doc directory for more details.

ChiliProject is a fork based on Redmine. Redmine is Copyright Jean-Philippe Lang and others.