Commit af188dd6 authored by Javier Serrano's avatar Javier Serrano

More feedback from Maciej

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......@@ -418,7 +418,8 @@ Geneva, Switzerland\\
\begin{block}{Contributions to ``standards''}
\item White Rabbit: under study for \textbf{IEEE 1588} High Accuracy profile.
\item White Rabbit: under study in \textbf{IEEE P1588} High Accuracy
\item WB pipelined mode: in \textbf{Wishbone spec} Rev.B4 (2010).
\item FMC bus in \textbf{Linux v3.11} kernel.
\item ZIO Linux framework for DAQ and CTL hardware: \\ \textbf{RFC} made \textbf{to Linux} kernel list.
......@@ -431,8 +432,7 @@ Geneva, Switzerland\\
\item Industry adoption thanks to mitigation of risks
\item Many competent people looking at our work
\item Replacement of ad-hoc solutions by more
general ones
\item Evolution of ad-hoc solutions into more generic ones
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