Commit f366bc33 authored by Petr Pacner's avatar Petr Pacner

added buffer libraries for zynq ultrascale and zynq ultrascale plus

parent 9f88ed1c
......@@ -33,8 +33,8 @@ def build_xilinx():
res = []
add_package(res, 'unisim', 'vcomponents')
add_package(res, 'unimacro', 'vcomponents')
for n in ['ibuf', 'ibufds', 'ibufgds', 'ibufds_diff_out',
for n in ['ibuf', 'ibufds', 'ibufgds', 'ibufds_diff_out', 'ibufdse3',
'ibufe3', 'ibufds_gte2','ibufds_gte3', 'ibufds_gte4', 'ibufds_dphy',
'obuf', 'obufds', 'obuft', 'obuftds', 'oddr',
'oserdes2', 'oserdese2', 'iserdese2', 'iserdes2',
......@@ -43,18 +43,22 @@ def build_xilinx():
'iobuf', 'iobufds',
'pullup', 'pulldown',
'bufio', 'bufio2', 'bufio2fb',
'bufgmux_ctrl', 'bufgmux', 'bufg', 'bufgce', 'bufr', 'bufpll', 'bufmr',
'bufgmux_ctrl', 'bufgmux', 'bufg', 'bufg_gt', 'bufgt_sync',
'bufgce', 'bufr', 'bufpll', 'bufmr',
'mmcme2_adv', 'mmcme2_base', 'pll_base', 'pll_adv', 'dcm_base', 'dcm_adv', 'dcm_sp',
'mmcme3_adv', 'mmcme3_base', 'mmcme4_adv', 'mmcme4_base',
'plle2_adv', 'plle2_base',
'bufpll_mcb', 'mcb', 'iodrp2', 'iodrp2_mcb',
'icap_spartan6', 'bscan_spartan6',
'gtxe2_channel', 'gtxe2_common', 'gtpa1_dual',
'lut1', 'lut2', 'lut3', 'lut4', 'lut5', 'lut6',
'muxf7', 'carry4',
'gthe3_channel', 'gthe3_common', 'gthe4_channel', 'gthe4_common',
'gtye3_channel', 'gtye3_common', 'gtye4_channel', 'gtye4_common',
'dsp48a1', 'dsp48e2',
'lut1', 'lut2', 'lut3', 'lut4', 'lut5', 'lut6', 'lut6_2',
'fdre', 'fdce', 'fdpe', 'fdse',
'muxf7', 'muxf8', 'muxf9', 'carry4',
'vcc', 'gnd',
add_entity(res, n)
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