Commit eaac3690 authored by Tristan Gingold's avatar Tristan Gingold remove _get_config_dict()

Not clear how useful it is.  Break recursive fetch as it changes manifest_dict.
parent 729ae988
......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ class Action(object):
# Parse the top manifest and all sub-modules.
self.config = self._get_config_dict()
self.config = self.top_manifest.manifest_dict # _get_config_dict()
def setup(self):
"""Set tool and top_entity"""
......@@ -164,20 +164,6 @@ class Action(object):
"""Get the Top module from the pool"""
return self.top_manifest
def _get_config_dict(self):
"""Get the combined hierarchical Manifest dictionary from the pool"""
config_dict = {}
for mod in self.manifests:
manifest_dict_tmp = mod.manifest_dict
if manifest_dict_tmp is not None:
if 'fetchto' in manifest_dict_tmp:
manifest_dict_tmp['fetchto'] = os.path.relpath(os.path.join(
config_dict = manifest_dict_tmp
return config_dict
def __str__(self):
"""Cast the module list as a list of strings"""
return str([str(m) for m in self.manifests])
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