Commit e4b87f75 authored by Tristan Gingold's avatar Tristan Gingold simplify

parent cabc3421
......@@ -153,15 +153,11 @@ class MakefileVsim(MakefileSim):
# each .dat depends on corresponding .vhd file
self.write("%s: %s" % (self._get_stamp_file(vhdl), vhdl.rel_path()))
# list dependencies, do not include the target file
for dep_file in sorted([dfile for dfile in vhdl.depends_on
if dfile is not vhdl],
key=(lambda x: x.path)):
if dep_file in fileset:
self.write(" \\\n" + self._get_stamp_file(dep_file))
self.write(" \\\n" + dep_file.rel_path())
for dep_file in sorted(vhdl.depends_on, key=(lambda x: x.path)):
if dep_file is vhdl:
self.write(" \\\n" + self._get_stamp_file(dep_file))
self.writeln(' '.join(["\t\tvcom $(VCOM_FLAGS)",
"-work", vhdl.library, "$< "]))
self.writeln("\t\tvcom $(VCOM_FLAGS) -work {} $< ".format(vhdl.library))
self.writeln("\t\t@" + shell.mkdir_command() +
" $(dir $@) && " + shell.touch_command() + " $@ \n\n")
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