Commit 9f8c7189 authored by Tristan Gingold's avatar Tristan Gingold cleanup.

parent c894f8f1
......@@ -108,14 +108,12 @@ class VerilogPreprocessor(object):
def _munge_list(flist):
'''Take the split list & normalize into a list of string literals & seperator matches'''
if not flist:
return []
assert flist
is_match = False # if nothing was present, split inserts an empty element
rlist = []
while flist:
if is_match:
if len(flist) < 9:
raise Exception("_munge_list: insufficient arguments for match object")
assert len(flist) >= 9, "_munge_list: insufficient arguments for match object"
rlist.append(vpp_match(flist[0],flist[1],None if not flist[2] else flist[2].strip(),
flist[3],flist[4],'' if not flist[5] else flist[5].replace('\\\n',''),flist[6],flist[7]))
flist = flist[9:]
......@@ -125,7 +123,7 @@ class VerilogPreprocessor(object):
return rlist
def _tok_string(text):
toks = re.split(r'''((?:`(ifn?def|elsif|else|endif|define|include)((?<=ifdef\b)\s+(?:\w+)|(?<=ifndef\b)\s+(?:\w+)|(?<=elsif\b)\s+(?:\w+)|(?:(?<=define\b)\s+(\w+)(?:\(([\w\s,]*)\))?[ \t]*((?:\\\n|[^\n\r])*)$)|(?<=include\b)\s+"(.+?)")?)|(?:`(\w+)(?:\(([\w\s,]*)\))?))''', text, flags=re.MULTILINE)
toks = re.split(r'((?:`(ifn?def|elsif|else|endif|define|include)((?<=ifdef\b)\s+(?:\w+)|(?<=ifndef\b)\s+(?:\w+)|(?<=elsif\b)\s+(?:\w+)|(?:(?<=define\b)\s+(\w+)(?:\(([\w\s,]*)\))?[ \t]*((?:\\\n|[^\n\r])*)$)|(?<=include\b)\s+"(.+?)")?)|(?:`(\w+)(?:\(([\w\s,]*)\))?))', text, flags=re.MULTILINE)
return _munge_list(toks)
parts = _tok_string(text)
......@@ -169,8 +167,6 @@ class VerilogPreprocessor(object):
elif front.pptype == 'elsif':
if not handled:
enabled = front.ppident in lmacros
if front.pptype == 'ifndef':
enabled = not enabled
handled = enabled
else: # if a clause was already selected, skip this one
enabled = False
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