Commit 68f3baaf authored by David Belohrad's avatar David Belohrad Committed by Tristan Gingold

Quartus target supports mode assignments in Manifest

Following commmit implements to standard makefile argument
"syn_properties" as well additional 3:

- syn_instances -> set_global_instance
- syn_location_assignments-> set_location_assignment
- syn_instance_assignments -> set_instance_assignment

The original foreseen only

- syn_properties -> set_global_assignment

Following brings possibility to specify in manifest in more detail for
example logilock regions.

In order to make the parameters compatible with quartus manifest
properties 'to' and 'region_id' can be now preprended by tilde (~) to
announce that the given value of the command shall be enclosed in
quotes. This is needed as it differs from parameter to
parameter. Example:

following does not need any quotes:

set_global_assignment -name IOBANK_VCCIO 3.3V -section_id 3A

but following does:

set_instance_assignment -name LL_MEMBER_OF "bst_sync:i_bst_sync" -to
-section_id "bst_sync:i_bst_sync"
parent b1dfa12b
...@@ -103,6 +103,11 @@ class ToolQuartus(MakefileSyn): ...@@ -103,6 +103,11 @@ class ToolQuartus(MakefileSyn):
"set_location_assignment": SET_LOCATION_ASSIGNMENT, "set_location_assignment": SET_LOCATION_ASSIGNMENT,
"set_global_assignment": SET_GLOBAL_ASSIGNMENT} "set_global_assignment": SET_GLOBAL_ASSIGNMENT}
# mapping of manifest properties to QSF commands
"syn_instances": SET_GLOBAL_INSTANCE,
"syn_location_assignments": SET_LOCATION_ASSIGNMENT,
"syn_instance_assignments": SET_INSTANCE_ASSIGNMENT}
def __init__(self): def __init__(self):
super(ToolQuartus, self).__init__() super(ToolQuartus, self).__init__()
self._tcl_controls.update(ToolQuartus.TCL_CONTROLS) self._tcl_controls.update(ToolQuartus.TCL_CONTROLS)
...@@ -146,8 +151,23 @@ class ToolQuartus(MakefileSyn): ...@@ -146,8 +151,23 @@ class ToolQuartus(MakefileSyn):
self.manifest_dict["syn_device"] = device_string self.manifest_dict["syn_device"] = device_string
super(ToolQuartus, self)._makefile_syn_top() super(ToolQuartus, self)._makefile_syn_top()
def _manipulate_path(self, path):
"""Takes manifest string and manipulates it to be digested by
Makefile to generate proper string. Path starting with ~ will
automatically be enclosed into quotes, any | character will be
replaced by \| so that path is correctly interpreted by
repla = path.replace("|", "\|")
if repla.startswith("~"):
return '\\"%s\\"' % (repla[1:])
return repla
def _emit_property(self, command, new_property): def _emit_property(self, command, new_property):
"""Emit a formated property for Altera Quartus TCL""" """Emit a formated property for Altera Quartus TCL. All
properties starting with ~ will be enclosed into quotes"""
property_dict = { property_dict = {
'what': None, 'what': None,
'name': None, 'name': None,
...@@ -175,10 +195,10 @@ class ToolQuartus(MakefileSyn): ...@@ -175,10 +195,10 @@ class ToolQuartus(MakefileSyn):
words.append(property_dict['tag']) words.append(property_dict['tag'])
if property_dict['to'] is not None: if property_dict['to'] is not None:
words.append("-to") words.append("-to")
words.append(property_dict['to']) words.append(self._manipulate_path(property_dict['to']))
if property_dict['section_id'] is not None: if property_dict['section_id'] is not None:
words.append("-section_id") words.append("-section_id")
words.append(property_dict['section_id']) words.append(self._manipulate_path(property_dict['section_id']))
if property_dict['edge'] is not None: if property_dict['edge'] is not None:
words.append("-" + property_dict['edge']) words.append("-" + property_dict['edge'])
return ' '.join(words) return ' '.join(words)
...@@ -199,16 +219,20 @@ class ToolQuartus(MakefileSyn): ...@@ -199,16 +219,20 @@ class ToolQuartus(MakefileSyn):
{'name': 'TOP_LEVEL_ENTITY', {'name': 'TOP_LEVEL_ENTITY',
'value': '$(TOP_MODULE)'})) 'value': '$(TOP_MODULE)'}))
for user_property in self.manifest_dict.get("syn_properties", []): # traverse through QSF assignments stored in top-level manifest
if not isinstance(user_property, dict): for propkey, command in self.PROP_DECLARATION.items():
raise Exception("Quartus property should be defined as dict: " for user_property in self.manifest_dict.get(propkey, []):
+ str(user_property)) if not isinstance(user_property, dict):
command_list.append(self._emit_property(self.SET_GLOBAL_ASSIGNMENT, raise Exception("Quartus property should be defined as dict: "
user_property)) + str(user_property))
command_list.append(self._emit_property(command, user_property))
for inc in self.manifest_dict.get("include_dirs", []): for inc in self.manifest_dict.get("include_dirs", []):
command_list.append(self._emit_property(self.SET_GLOBAL_ASSIGNMENT, command_list.append(self._emit_property(self.SET_GLOBAL_ASSIGNMENT,
{'name': 'SEARCH_PATH', {'name': 'SEARCH_PATH',
'value': inc})) 'value': inc}))
# process
self._tcl_controls["project"] = '\n'.join(command_list) self._tcl_controls["project"] = '\n'.join(command_list)
super(ToolQuartus, self)._makefile_syn_tcl() super(ToolQuartus, self)._makefile_syn_tcl()
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