Commit 3eaa0599 authored by Severin Haas's avatar Severin Haas

Added test/example stuff for synthesis of IGLOO2 devices

parent b2df73e8
target = "microsemi"
syn_tool = "liberosoc"
action = "synthesis"
language = "vhdl"
syn_family = "IGLOO2"
syn_device = "M2GL060"
syn_grade = "-1"
syn_package = "484 FBGA"
syn_top = "igloo2_top"
syn_project = "demo"
modules = {
"local" : [ "../../../top/igloo2/vhdl" ],
# Microsemi Physical design constraints file
# Family: IGLOO2, Die: M2GL060, Package: 484 FBGA, Speed grade: -1
# IO banks setting
set_iobank Bank2 -vcci 3.3 -fixed yes
set_iobank Bank4 -vcci 3.3 -fixed no
set_iobank Bank5 -vcci 3.3 -fixed yes
set_iobank Bank6 -vcci 3.3 -fixed yes
set_iobank Bank9 -vcci 3.3 -fixed yes
# I/O constraints
set_io led_o\[0\] -iostd LVTTL -pinname G3 -fixed yes -direction OUTPUT
set_io led_o\[1\] -iostd LVTTL -pinname H3 -fixed yes -direction OUTPUT
set_io led_o\[2\] -iostd LVTTL -pinname H1 -fixed yes -direction OUTPUT
set_io led_o\[3\] -iostd LVTTL -pinname G1 -fixed yes -direction OUTPUT
set_io led_o\[4\] -iostd LVTTL -pinname H4 -fixed yes -direction OUTPUT
set_io led_o\[5\] -iostd LVTTL -pinname H5 -fixed yes -direction OUTPUT
set_io led_o\[6\] -iostd LVTTL -pinname H6 -fixed yes -direction OUTPUT
set_io led_o\[7\] -iostd LVTTL -pinname J1 -fixed yes -direction OUTPUT
set_io clear_i -iostd LVTTL -pinname B1 -fixed yes
set_io count_i -iostd LVTTL -pinname C1 -fixed yes
# 40MHz clock
set_io clock_i -iostd LVTTL -pinname J20 -fixed yes
# Top Level Design Parameters
# Clocks
create_clock -name {clock_i} -period 25 -waveform {0 12.5 } [ get_ports { clock_i } ]
# False Paths Between Clocks
# False Path Constraints
# Maximum Delay Constraints
# Multicycle Constraints
# Virtual Clocks
# Output Load Constraints
# Driving Cell Constraints
# Wire Loads
# set_wire_load_mode top
# Other Constraints
files = [
modules = {
"local" : [ "../../../modules/counter/vhdl" ],
-- Design : Counter VHDL top module, adopted for IGLOO2 M2GL060
-- Author : Javier D. Garcia-Lasheras, small changes by Severin Haas
library ieee;
use ieee.std_logic_1164.all;
use ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all;
use ieee.std_logic_arith.all;
entity igloo2_top is
port (
clear_i: in std_logic;
count_i: in std_logic;
clock_i: in std_logic;
led_o: out std_logic_vector(7 downto 0)
end igloo2_top;
architecture structure of igloo2_top is
component counter
port (
clock: in std_logic;
clear: in std_logic;
count: in std_logic;
Q: out std_logic_vector(7 downto 0)
end component;
signal s_clock: std_logic;
signal s_clear: std_logic;
signal s_count: std_logic;
signal s_Q: std_logic_vector(7 downto 0);
U_counter: counter
port map (
clock => s_clock,
clear => s_clear,
count => s_count,
Q => s_Q
s_clock <= clock_i;
s_clear <= clear_i;
s_count <= count_i;
led_o <= s_Q;
end architecture structure;
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