Commit 0f8a63b9 authored by Tristan Gingold's avatar Tristan Gingold

testsuite: strengthen 061err_nobin

parent d8e64fa3
......@@ -8,7 +8,6 @@ PWD := $(shell pwd)
TOP_MODULE := gate3_tb
FUSE_OUTPUT ?= isim_proj
XILINX_INI_PATH := /home/tgingold/Repositories/ohwr/hdl-make/vhdl/hdp/lin64
VHPCOMP_FLAGS := -intstyle default -incremental -initfile xilinxsim.ini
VLOGCOMP_FLAGS := -intstyle default -incremental -initfile xilinxsim.ini
......@@ -290,7 +290,9 @@ def test_no_files():
run([], path="042nofiles")
def test_no_bin():
run_compare(path="061err_nobin", fakebin="no_fakebin")
with Config(path="061err_nobin", fakebin="no_fakebin") as _:
def test_local043():
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