Commit 7818628b authored by Wesley W. Terpstra's avatar Wesley W. Terpstra

Use newest versions that seem to work.

Include toolchain for building on systems w/o LM32 installed.
parent 6ddf5d06
all:: etherbone driver toolchain firmware all:: etherbone driver toolchain firmware
install:: etherbone-install driver-install
etherbone:: etherbone::
$(MAKE) -C wr-cores/ip_cores/etherbone-core/api all $(MAKE) -C wr-cores/ip_cores/etherbone-core/api all
$(MAKE) -C wr-cores/ip_cores/etherbone-core/api install
driver:: driver::
$(MAKE) -C fpga-config-space/pcie-wb all $(MAKE) -C fpga-config-space/pcie-wb all
toolchain:: driver-install::
$(MAKE) -C fpga-config-space/pcie-wb install
# fetch and unpack gcc for LM32 toolchain:
tar xvJf gcc-4.5.3-lm32.tar.xz
mv lm32 toolchain
firmware:: firmware:: toolchain
$(MAKE) -C wrpc-sw all $(MAKE) PATH=$(PWD)/toolchain/bin:$(PATH) -C wrpc-sw all
scu:: scu:: firmware
$(MAKE) -C wr-cores/syn/gsi_scu2/wr_core_demo $(MAKE) -C wr-cores/syn/gsi_scu2/wr_core_demo
spec:: spec:: firmware
$(MAKE) -C wr-cores/syn/spec_1_1/wr_core_demo $(MAKE) -C wr-cores/syn/spec_1_1/wr_core_demo
\ No newline at end of file
...@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ while true; do ...@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ while true; do
done done
NS=$((CNT*8)) NS=$((CNT*8))
UTC=$((UTChi*4294967296 + UTClo)) UTC=$(((UTChi%256)*4294967296 + UTClo))
printf "%d.%09d = " $UTC $NS printf "%d.%09d = " $UTC $NS
echo -n `date +"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" -d @$UTC` echo -n `date +"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" -d @$UTC`
wr-cores @ 7827555a
Subproject commit 7db05845c1335eb1036e58ce05bcfc0fd51fa9a0 Subproject commit 7827555acc5933e260fa5e05add5dea9ec3d3cd4
wrpc-sw @ d90b5ca5
Subproject commit 129d954df1dd176b04dc57064c5a294e7fd5f77d Subproject commit d90b5ca5dea35b978777a47ec99a0b00d38c316f
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