Commit 5ab54ebf authored by Wesley W. Terpstra's avatar Wesley W. Terpstra

Build scu and/or spec from the top

parent 8e429228
......@@ -14,4 +14,7 @@ firmware::
$(MAKE) -C wrpc-sw all
$(MAKE) -C wr-cores/syn/gsi_scu2/wrc_demo
$(MAKE) -C wr-cores/syn/gsi_scu2/wr_core_demo
$(MAKE) -C wr-cores/syn/spec_1_1/wr_core_demo
wr-cores @ d4db8b9d
Subproject commit cc80af3664644f144208fd6ff82153142f0cdd09
Subproject commit d4db8b9d4d3bfac62235e17d687aeb1915de03fa
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