Commit b088f352 authored by Dimitris Lampridis's avatar Dimitris Lampridis

Merge branch '41-tdc-programming-failing-at-boot-time' into 'master'

Resolve "TDC programming failing at boot time"

Closes #41

See merge request be-cem-edl/fec/hardware-modules/fmc-tdc-1ns-5cha!29
parents 2c472601 c70caa56
Subproject commit f5fbc7e609979985af24e2845ba3842063416383
Subproject commit 225dd70e4cf4f93954414916f57ef1366e12e13b
Subproject commit 3b1aaab0a94a8dee1edaec3cbfb141481b876bb4
Subproject commit e4987acffa138094b320356d0ca2618834c00fc4
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