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FMC TDC 1 ns 5 Channels
For the documentation we use `Sphinx`_ and `Doxygen`_. You can build
it yourself using ``make`` and specifying the output target. For
example, to build an HTML website you can type the following command
from the project's top directory.
make -C doc html
You will find the documentation in ``doc/_build/html``.
If the build fails, you are probably missing some required
packages. Have a look at the requirements file
``doc/requirements.txt``. You can install them from your sidtribution
repository or them from `PyPI`_ using the following command.
pip install -r doc/requirements.txt
Remember also to install `Doxygen`_ on your system.
.. _`Sphinx`:
.. _`Doxygen`:
.. _`PyPI`:
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