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......@@ -11,7 +11,6 @@ When the shutter is open, the \gls{tlu} will assert the \verb|CONT| line (see ta
Behaviour of the shutter is controlled by the IPBus registers described in table~\ref{tab:shutter_registers}. If using EUDAQ, the registers can be written by including the corresponding steering parameters.
In this case, the easiest way to avoid potential conflict between the shutter signal and the trigger input is to connect the shutter input to LEMO 6 and then setting \verb|trigMaskHi= 0x0|. This means that the corresponding input is never involved in a valid active word. See section~\ref{ch:triggerLogic} for details.\\
The parameters should be included in the config file described in section~\ref{ch:configFile}.
>>>>>>> c7846bc11e8e9e621b1c031e28f70eb3380ed01a
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