Commit f6a3b85f authored by Paolo Baesso's avatar Paolo Baesso

Correct pinout for PMT LEMO connectors

parent aa853387
......@@ -140,8 +140,8 @@ Is the \gls{tlu} is controlled using EUDAQ, the \gls{dac} can be steered by mean
Three green \gls{led} on the front panel are used to indicate the presence of power (+12 V) and the correct functioning of the +5 V and -5 V voltage regulators. Further indicators are assigned to the \gls{hdmi} and trigger inputs to provide information on their status. These indicators are \gls{rgb}. At the moment there is not defined scheme to assign a meaning to each colour.\\
The LEMO connectors used to power the \gls{pmt}s are wired according to the following scheme, inherited from what already in use in beam telescopes (FIX THIS):
\item Vcc
\item Vcc
\item Vcc
\item Vcc
\item POWER: +12 V
\item not connected
\item CONTROL, voltage signal from 0 to +1 V
\item GND
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