Commit 0193c6e8 authored by Paolo Baesso's avatar Paolo Baesso

Attempt to read the SFP I2C lines, created a class for it. Still in progress

parent 9bac0797
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import uhal
from I2CuHal import I2CCore
import StringIO
class SFPI2C:
#Class to configure the EEPROM
def __init__(self, i2c, slaveaddr=0x50):
self.i2c = i2c
self.slaveaddr = slaveaddr
def readEEPROM(self, startadd, nBytes):
#Read EEPROM memory locations
mystop= False
myaddr= [startadd]#0xfa
self.i2c.write( self.slaveaddr, [startadd], mystop)
res= self.slaveaddr, nBytes)
return res
def writeReg(self, regN, regContent, verbose=False):
#Basic functionality to write to register.
if (regN < 0) | (regN > 7):
print "PCA9539PW - ERROR: register number should be in range [0:7]"
regContent= regContent & 0xFF
cmd= [regN, regContent]
self.i2c.write( self.slaveaddr, cmd, mystop)
def readReg(self, regN, nwords, verbose=False):
#Basic functionality to read from register.
self.i2c.write( self.slaveaddr, [regN], mystop)
res= self.slaveaddr, nwords)
return res
def getVendorId(self):
""" Returns the OUI vendor id"""
id=[0, 0, 0]
id[0]= self.readReg(37, 1, False)[0]
id[1]= self.readReg(38, 1, False)[0]
id[2]= self.readReg(39, 1, False)[0]
print id
return id
def getVendorPN(self):
""" Returns the part number defined by the vendor"""
for iaddr in range(0, 16):
item= self.readReg( 40+iaddr , 1, False)[0]
print pn
return pn
def scanI2C(self):
for iAddr in range (0, 128):
self.i2c.write( iAddr, [], mystop)
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