Commit 27f96930 authored by David Cussans's avatar David Cussans

Minor mod to

parent f66918f5
......@@ -14,6 +14,8 @@ vsim -voptargs=+acc work.triggerinputs_newtlu_tb(bench) -G g_BFMINPUT="/users/ph
... or just
vsim work.triggerinputs_newtlu_tb -G g_BFMINPUT=BFM_INPUT_01.txt -G g_BFMOUTPUT=BFM_OUTPUT_01.txt
./vsim -c work.triggerinputs_newtlu_tb -G g_BFMINPUT=BFM_INPUT_02.txt -G g_BFMOUTPUT=BFM_OUTPUT_02.txt -do "run -all"
Reads from input file
cmd arg1 arg2 ....
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