Commit 854b0a92 authored by Miguel Jimenez Lopez's avatar Miguel Jimenez Lopez

hdl: Add OHWR repositories as git submodules.

parent 5e2c543f
[submodule "hdl/ip_cores/wr-cores"]
path = hdl/ip_cores/wr-cores
url =
[submodule "hdl/ip_cores/etherbone-core"]
path = hdl/ip_cores/etherbone-core
url =
[submodule "hdl/ip_cores/general-cores"]
path = hdl/ip_cores/general-cores
url =
[submodule "hdl/ip_cores/gn4124-core"]
path = hdl/ip_cores/gn4124-core
url =
Subproject commit f19220ffa3c5e526f66ebbded5e0e1e789e7255d
Subproject commit f73bc3d2959bdaab52adf910d99ed90cabab11ab
Subproject commit 10cd74b06a094c5b6c1a566676785e1814001404
Subproject commit f0519a1f5f7f2261b861e6a6d4562e2bec875fb4
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