Commit b5c9cb6a authored by Jan Pospisil's avatar Jan Pospisil

new version 1.2

parent a4b0a591
v1.2, 2016-09-05
introduced independent Trigger Latency for the two channels
updated Python driver
v1.1, 2016-09-01
added patches used on submodules during development of v1.0
added version numbers (major.minor.rev)
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ use work.wishbone_pkg.all;
package FfpgPkg is
constant VersionMajor: natural := 1;
constant VersionMinor: natural := 1;
constant VersionMinor: natural := 2;
constant VersionRevision: natural := 0;
type t_Ad5600Interface is record
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