Commit 86a2f165 authored by Marek Gumiński's avatar Marek Gumiński

Added a script for testing communication with Wishbone busses of both SPEC's

parent 63c4ca54
import sys
import time
import os
from spec import *
from ptsexcept import *
from utilFunctions import *
from spec_identification import *
UIDEL = 1;
FIRMWARE_PATH = '/../gateware/syn/spec_top.bin'
def test_sdbid(dut):
print "Checking if SPEC firmware has SDB magic number in register address 0."
if (dut.sdbid != dut.SDB_SIG ):
print "ERRRRRORRRRRR!!!!!!!";
print "ERRRRRORRRRRR!!!!!!!";
print "SDB signature mismatch!";
print 'expected SDB: %x' % dut.SDB_SIG;
print 'found SDB: %x' % dut.sdbid;
print "SDB magic matched!";
names = [ "FmcDac600m12b1chadds", "FmcAdc100m"]
for i in [0, 1]:
print "Checking: " + names[i]
specid = spec_identification()[i];
print "It was identified on bus:" + str(specid)
if specid < 0 :
raise PtsCritical("Bus number of "+ names[i] + " was not found")
carrier=spec( FIRMWARE_PATH, specid, True );
print "---------------------------------"
print "---------------------------------"
print "---------------------------------"
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