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    FMC: show_sdb_tree: dump synthesis/commit ID info · 703553e3
    Tomasz Wlostowski authored
    This completes the show_sdb_tree functionality, with the
    new informative fields.  The output for a verbose module is now
    like this (long lines are unavoidable):
     SDB: 00000651:e6a542c9 WB4-Crossbar-GSI
     SDB: 0000ce42:00000601 WB-DMA.Control      (00001000-0000103f)
     SDB: 0000ce42:779c5443 WB-OneWire-Master   (00001100-000011ff)
     SDB: 0000ce42:00000603 WB-SPEC-CSR         (00001200-0000121f)
     SDB: 0000ce42:00000013 WB-VIC-Int.Control  (00001300-000013ff)
     SDB: 0000ce42:d5735ab4 WB-DMA.EIC          (00001400-0000140f)
     SDB: 00000651:eef0b198 WB4-Bridge-GSI      (bridge: 00002000)
     SDB:    00000651:e6a542c9 WB4-Crossbar-GSI
     SDB:    0000ce42:123c5443 WB-I2C-Master       (00003000-000030ff)
     SDB:    0000ce42:e503947e WB-SPI.Control      (00003100-0000311f)
     SDB:    0000ce42:123c5443 WB-I2C-Master       (00003200-000032ff)
     SDB:    0000ce42:00000608 WB-FMC-ADC-Core     (00003300-0000337f)
     SDB:    0000ce42:779c5443 WB-OneWire-Master   (00003400-000034ff)
     SDB:    0000ce42:26ec6086 WB-FMC-ADC.EIC      (00003500-0000350f)
     SDB:    0000ce42:00000604 WB-Timetag-Core     (00003600-0000367f)
     SDB: Synthesis repository: git://ohwr.org/fmc-projects/fmc-adc-100m14b4cha.git
     SDB: Bitstream 'spec_top_fmc_adcmc-projects/fmc-adc-100m14b4cha.git' \
             synthesized 20140116 by mcattin (ISE version 133), commit f0a539dffe6d
    Signed-off-by: Tomasz Wlostowski's avatarTomasz Wlostowski <tomasz.wlostowski@cern.ch>
    Acked-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <rubini@gnudd.com>
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