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doc: update portability section for this release

Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <>
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......@@ -1690,13 +1690,19 @@ This package should be portable. However I didn't test it on a wide
variety of system. I used it on a 32-bit x86 host, running version
3.4 of the kernel.
I verified that it compiles without any warning from version 2.6.35 up
to 3.9, on a 32-bit x86 processor. On previous versions it fails for
various reasons, but the backport branch we push for every release
fixes them. The backport branch builds without warnings or error
for 2.6.24 and 2.6.26 up to 2.6.29 (we don't care fixing it for 2.6.25).
I don't test kernels older than 2.6.24 as that one is the olderst release
we are using in production at the time being.
The package is upstream since version 3.11, and I'm submitting all
local changes to the kernel as development continues. As of this
release a few commits are missing from the official kernel, but any
@i{ohwr} package that relies on @i{fmc-bus} will most likely work with
the official kernel subsystem as well.
I verified that this package builds without any warning from version 2.6.35 up
to 3.13, on a 32-bit x86 processor. On 2.6.34 and earlier it fails for
various reasons.
Up to May 2013 each release included a backport branch that worked
back to kernel 2.6.24, which we had in production at the time. If you
run a kernel older than 2.6.35, please consider
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