Commit 5e89cd96 authored by Alessandro Rubini's avatar Alessandro Rubini

fmc: add gpio_config method to the operations

This is not increasing the version number, because I plan to merge
before splitting off the fmc project.
Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <>
parent 1f650869
......@@ -57,7 +57,34 @@ struct fmc_driver {
#define FMC_PARAM_GATEWARE(_d) \
module_param_array_named(gateware, _d.gw_val, charp, &_d.gw_n, 0444)
/* To be carrier-independent, we need to abstract hardware access */
* Drivers may need to configure gpio pins in the carrier. To read input
* (a very uncommon opeation, and definitely not in the hot paths), just
* configure one gpio only and get 0 or 1 as retval of the config method
struct fmc_gpio {
char *carrier_name; /* name or NULL for virtual pins */
int gpio;
int _gpio; /* internal use by the carrier */
int mode; /* GPIOF_DIR_OUT etc, from <linux/gpio.h> */
int irqmode; /* IRQF_TRIGGER_LOW and so on */
/* The numbering of gpio pins allows access to raw pins or virtual roles */
#define FMC_GPIO_RAW(x) (x) /* 4096 of them */
#define __FMC_GPIO_IS_RAW(x) ((x) < 0x1000)
#define FMC_GPIO_IRQ(x) ((x) + 0x1000) /* 256 of them */
#define FMC_GPIO_LED(x) ((x) + 0x1100) /* 256 of them */
#define FMC_GPIO_KEY(x) ((x) + 0x1200) /* 256 of them */
#define FMC_GPIO_TP(x) ((x) + 0x1300) /* 256 of them */
#define FMC_GPIO_USER(x) ((x) + 0x1400) /* 256 of them */
/* We may add SCL and SDA, or other roles if the need arises */
* The operations are offered by each carrier and should make driver
* design completely independent of th carrier. Named GPIO pins may be
* the exception.
struct fmc_operations {
uint32_t (*readl)(struct fmc_device *fmc, int offset);
void (*writel)(struct fmc_device *fmc, uint32_t value, int offset);
......@@ -67,6 +94,8 @@ struct fmc_operations {
char *name, int flags);
void (*irq_ack)(struct fmc_device *fmc);
int (*irq_free)(struct fmc_device *fmc);
int (*gpio_config)(struct fmc_device *fmc, struct fmc_gpio *gpio,
int ngpio);
int (*read_ee)(struct fmc_device *fmc, int pos, void *d, int l);
int (*write_ee)(struct fmc_device *fmc, int pos, const void *d, int l);
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