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readme: Update pcie (SPEC) README and add one for VME (SVEC).

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......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ CERN, BE/CO/HT. Created 2011
Author: Matthieu Cattin <>
Licence: GPL v2 or later.
This batch of tests the fonctionnality of the FmcAdc100M14b4cha:
......@@ -22,8 +22,46 @@ This batch of tests the fonctionnality of the FmcAdc100M14b4cha:
- test08: Analogue front-end: check all MOSFET switches
- test09: Analogue front-end: frequency response
- test19: ADC and offset DACs calibration
- test20: Calibration verification
- test22: Wait for FMC temperature to stabilise (used before calibration)
- test25: Calibration verification (max error in % FS)
Extra test (not used in production test):
- test10: Plot frequency response summary data from test09_freq_resp.txt file
-*test11: Test acquisition chain
- test12: Takes an aqcuisition of all channels and print it to a file and on the screen
-*test13: Test 1-wire thermometer and read the unique ID of the SPEC board.
-*test14: pre-trigger ansd post-trigger counter test
-*test15: Test trigger configurations
- test16: Test analogue front-end frequency response
- test17: Plot all channels
- test18: Test calibration box
- test20: Calibration verification (max error in LSB)
- test21: Store calibration data to CP2103 EEPROM
- test23: Write IPMI information and calibration data to FMC EEPROM.
- test24: Read calibration data from CP2103 EEPROM
- test26: Read FMC EEPROM
- test27: Test DMA
- test28: Long term test
- test29: Checks FMC EEPROM for existing data
- test30: Test software reset
- test31: Fix EEPROM content (fix wrong IPMI format + add/rename sdbfs file)
- test32: Test decimation
- test33: Write FMC EEPROM with binary file
- test34: Test interrupts (eic + vic)
- test35: Prints carrier CSR (w/o loading bitstream)
- test36: Prints sdb records
- test37: Test trigger time-tags (embedded in data)
- test38: Access to unmapped address (gn4124 bug)
- test39: Data saturation
- test40: Hardware internal trigger
- test41: Shots counter
- test42: Sampling frequency counter
- test43: Data saturation (wrap-around bug)
- test44: External trigger and datapath delay difference
* Might not work, to be reviewed
This tests are made to work stand-alone too. So, it is possible to call each one using 'python'
FmcAdc100M14b4cha tests on VME platform (SVEC)
CERN, BE/CO/HT. Created 2014
Author: Matthieu Cattin <>
Licence: GPL v2 or later.
NOTE: The testing environment requires Python2.7 or later, but the current (may 2014)
SLC distro comes with Python2.4. Therefore, the must be launched
using a Python2.7 local insall.
E.g. ../../svec_pts/ubuntu/pts/2.7.3/bin/python
List of tests:
- svec_test00: Loads gateware and test mezzanine presence
- svec_test01: Tests all the peripherals
- svec_test12: Acquires all the channels
- svec_test30: Test software reset
- svec_test34: Test interrupts (eic + vic)
- svec_test36: Prints sdb records
- svec_test37: Test trigger time-tags (embedded in data)
- svec_test42: Sampling frequency counter
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