Commit 2b03e0b1 authored by Matthieu Cattin's avatar Matthieu Cattin

struct: Take back as it is board dependent (e.g. not the same for fmc-tdc).

parent 4a8e6283
#! /usr/bin/env python
# coding: utf8
# Copyright CERN, 2011
# Author: Matthieu Cattin <>
# Licence: GPL v2 or later.
# Website:
import sys
import rr
import time
import os
import re
from ctypes import *
from ptsexcept import *
from cp210x import usb, valuefile, cp210x
from cp210x.eeprom import EEPROM
cp210x_eeprom: Access to USB-UART bridge CP2103 EEPROM
Note: The EEPROM is used to store calibration data (reference voltage output for
the three ranges). The data are stores as a string in the "Product String".
Format: "4.09551500 0.40967800 0.04096060"
CALIBR_RANGES = ['10V', '1V', '100mV']
class CP210xEepromOperationError(Exception):
def __init__(self, msg):
self.msg = msg
def __str__(self):
return ("CP210x EEPROM: %s" %(self.msg))
class CCP210x_Eeprom:
def __init__(self, vid, pid):
usb_patterns = []
vid = int(vid, 16)
pid = int(pid, 16)
usb_patterns.append(dict(idVendor=vid, idProduct=pid)) = [item for item in cp210x.Cp210xProgrammer.list_devices(usb_patterns)] =[0]
def get_calibr_data(self):
eeprom = EEPROM(
raise CP210xEepromOperationError('Cannot open device.')
eeprom_value = eeprom.get_values()
product_string = eeprom_value['product_string']
#print "Product string: \"%s\"" % product_string
calibr_string_list = product_string.split(' ')
if len(calibr_string_list) != 3:
raise CP210xEepromOperationError('Product string has the wrong format.')
calibr_data = {}
for i in range(len(calibr_string_list)):
pattern = r'\b[0-9]\.[0-9]{8}\b'
if, calibr_string_list[i]):
calibr_data[CALIBR_RANGES[i]] = calibr_string_list[i]
raise CP210xEepromOperationError('Product string has the wrong format.')
return calibr_data
def set_calibr_data(self, data):
product_string = data[CALIBR_RANGES[0]] + ' ' + data[CALIBR_RANGES[1]] + ' ' + data[CALIBR_RANGES[2]]
#print "New product string value: \"%s\"" % product_string
print "Calibration data written to cp210x EEPROM."
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