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    driver: major rewrite, with carrier dma-ops and other things · 1598de1a
    Michel Arruat authored
    This is a major change, work of Michel Arruat, then re-committed as a
    single commit by Alessandro.  The original development happened mainly
    on the SVEC carrier, and support for SPEC (PCI) was added back at a
    later time.  I (Alessandro) chose to pick individual changes one at
    a time, for better documentation and later "git blame", up to this point.
    Now, this is a big commit that completely changes the driver,
    mainly in the following places:
      - split carrier-specific from generic code, like the TDC driver is now
        (this is mainly the dma-specific and irq-specific code)
      - use of SDB to get base addresses (with new fmc-util file)
      - use the VIC core to manage interrupts, relying on carrier support
      - change the field-desc table for the better
      - add carrier-specific init, reset, exit
      - split irq and adc-specific stuff out of zio-drv.c
      - DMA data and interrupt is now different: the timestamp is at end-of-data,
        thus we don't have the "trigger-happened" interrupt any more
      - use a work queue for interrupt management, instead of a tasklet, this
        allows sleeping, which is needed by this code base
    Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <rubini@gnudd.com>
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