Commit c5f6bc26 authored by Matthieu Cattin's avatar Matthieu Cattin

doc: Remove empty reference section.

parent 7eb36a28
......@@ -1161,7 +1161,6 @@ The @ref{fig:mem_multi_shot} shows the shots organisation in the DDR memory.
@c DONE @item Add a software reset feature?
@item Remove huge files from git repo. @b{!!! This will change all commits sha !!!}
@item Add a reference section (bibliography).
@end itemize
@c ==========================================================================
......@@ -1337,13 +1336,6 @@ The registers documentation have been generated using @command{wbgen2}@footnote{
@c --------------------------------------------------------------------------
@appendix References
@section References
@c TODO Add reference table, biblio -> how to automate that?
@c --------------------------------------------------------------------------
@appendix Glossary
@section Glossary
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