Commit bf9c51d9 authored by Wesley W. Terpstra's avatar Wesley W. Terpstra

Include scripts used in final workshop demo.

parent 5af4ebfc
......@@ -65,8 +65,8 @@ while true; do
echo "done"
eb-write $FLAGS $dev1 0x18000C/4 0
eb-write $FLAGS $dev2 0x18000C/4 0
eb-write $FLAGS $dev1 0x180010/4 $fifo_pin
eb-write $FLAGS $dev2 0x180010/4 $fifo_pin
echo "Scheduling events:"
schedule $dev1 $wait_s 0
#! /bin/bash -x
let utclo=0x`eb-read -p $PROTO/$IP_ADR 0x220308/4` # pps utc lo
let cycle=0x`eb-read -p $PROTO/$IP_ADR 0x220304/4` # pps cycle count
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