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    sw: Renamed RS485 test script and made additions to it · 50840ab8
    Theodor-Adrian Stana authored
    The main additions consist in checking for (and exiting on) wrong RTM detection
    line readout, which indicates either a missing RTM, or that the Schmitt trigger
    is a dud.
    Then, the script also exits when the response of the PTS user to the questions
    about the connections is a "no".
    These two changes are both done to not waste time and energy on performing tests
    on fundamentally wrong test conditions.
    Finally, the pulses are enabled when performing fail-safe tests (MUX sel lines
    "11"), since otherwise the test would pass without giving any useful information
    on this test, as the HDL behaves in the same way if the RS-485 xceivers are
    disabled or if they are in fail-safe.
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