1. 05 Dec, 2014 5 commits
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      sw: Changes in rs485_pulse_rtm.py · 35b1a2e1
      Theodor-Adrian Stana authored
      Added the repetitive stuff for the pulse test itself to a function that gets
      called with the necessary parameters. Then, some small changes were made to the
      pulse test (like clearing the counters before enabling the pulse repetition) to
      make the pulse test work.
      It now almost works, but we're still not there yet, to be determined if this is
      a hardware issue or still script problems (most likely the former).
      The pulse test should also have better output (like tell on ERROR on which phase
      it fails)
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      hdl: Additions to rear test logic · 30f02bf6
      Theodor-Adrian Stana authored
      The additions are:
      - checking the fail-safe lines before passing the input pulse to the pulse
      - adding a delay to the pulse generators, to account for hardware delay
        appearing on enable
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