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    Pre-version 2.0 commit · 64f1a255
    Theodor-Adrian Stana authored
    - added pulse time tagging core (pulse_timetag.vhd)
    - added FIFO via the conv_regs.wb file
    - to make the FIFO read work properly, I needed to change the
    wb_i2c_bridge component (general-cores submodule)
    - updated top-level to connect the FIFO to conv_regs component
    - moved the pulse generator glitch filter to outside the pulse
    - changed the conv_pulse_gen block to be able to properly reject
    pulses up to only 1/5 duty cycle, not more (I realized by simulation
    that when the glitch filter was enabled, it needed one extra cycle,
    thus the duty cycle of the pulse was not 1/5, but 1/5 + one clock cycle)
    - updated synthesis files for the Release project to add the new files,
    and the regtest and pulsetest due to the I2C bridge changes
    Simulation files:
    - conv_pulse_gen: changes for the aforementioned change test
    - added pulse_timetag sim files
    - added release top-level simulation, which at the moment does
    not contain a lot of stuff (only pulse rep test), but can be used as a
    starter to verify the design works appropriately
    - updated memory map with cute wbgen-ized memory map
    - added time-tagging core information
    - updated the Getting Around the Code section
    - added and updated figures
    Signed-off-by: Theodor-Adrian Stana's avatarTheodor Stana <t.stana@cern.ch>
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