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    Update wb_i2c_slave in gencores and instantiation in top-level · 5592ad8a
    Theodor-Adrian Stana authored
    The previous wb_i2c_slave was sensitive to writemregs commands which
    may extend for too long, resulting in the I2C bridge watchdog timer
    timing out and refusing the communication. This all results in multiboot
    This issue has been fixed in the gencores repo via a generic to set the
    watchdog timer timeout value. Then, an appropriate setting was applied to
    the top-level of the Golden release project to account for these long
    writemregs commands. The setting for the watchdog generic is six times
    higher than the expected writemregs duration.
    Signed-off-by: Theodor-Adrian Stana's avatarTheodor Stana <t.stana@cern.ch>
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