Commit f052675d authored by Grzegorz Daniluk's avatar Grzegorz Daniluk

Greg's comments

parent 45c22dbc
* Missing Copyright CERN notice
* test wrapping for Description
* indentation sometimes done with spaces, sometimes with tab
138: process p_pulse_redge is not clear
what happens if en_i goes to '0'? It looks like in this design, this is not a
problem because in conv_common_gw en_i => '1'. This input should be either
removed or the process should take into account also en_i = '0'.
154: process p_pulse_redge_detect: if pulse_burst_i is not synchronized to clk_i
domain, it needs gc_sync_ffs (and this module btw. can also detect rising and
falling edge). This process has not enough flip-flops to be a synchronizer.
pulse_train_in_f_edge_p is not reseted
169: (pulse_train_in_r_edge_p = '1' and burst_ctrl_rst = '0') could be part of
the reset condition together with rst_n_i = '0', just for cleanup.
* lookig at the state machine, it looks like temp_rise can go up only after the
falling edge of the pulse, so process in linse 138 can be simplified to gating
pulse with burst_ctrl_rst signal.
287, 299: instead of overwriting burst_ctrl_rst signal value, put <= '0'
assignment after the first 'if' statement.
Similar thing with burst_err_p_o.
What is the value of burst_err_p_o if temperature is within limits? Missing
burst_err_p_o <= '0';
314: use 'else' for burst_err_p_o <= '0' in conditional instruction.
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