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doc/gw-test-procedure: pulse rejection testing procedure

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......@@ -76,6 +76,7 @@ work, see \\
29-09-2014 & 1.1 & Added Licensing information, made link colors black, removed MultiBoot step from test procedure
and other small text changes \\
27-01-2015 & 1.2 & Added steps for testing the reprogramming logic of the gateware \\
16-02-2017 & 1.3 & Updated for gateware v4: changed the dip switches description and added pulse rejection test \\
......@@ -108,6 +109,7 @@ a new gateware version. The following features are tested:
\item blocking to TTL-BAR
\item TTL to TTL-BAR (basic pulse inversion)
\item pulse rejection
\item no pulses generated on power-on
\item remote reprogramming
......@@ -141,7 +143,7 @@ sequence}.
\item \textbf{1x} Two-slot ELMA crate
\item \textbf{1x} CONV-TTL-BLO device under test (DUT)
\item \textbf{1x} CONV-TTL-BLO-RTM
\item \textbf{1x} Pulse generator
\item \textbf{1x} Pulse generator (preferably Agilent 33250A)
\item \textbf{1x} Oscilloscope
\item \textbf{5x} Long LEMO cables (1~m or more)
\item \textbf{3x} Short LEMO cables (12~cm bridge cable or equivalent)
......@@ -413,6 +415,26 @@ xc3sprog -c xpc -I conv_ttl_blo.bin:W:1507328:bin
\item Change the \textbf{glitch filter switch} (Figure~\ref{fig:switches}) back to the \textbf{GF DIS} position
\subsection{Pulse rejection test}
This test verifies whether the device repeats the guaranteed number of pulses
for a given frequency, and rejects pulses once the counter has reached the
threshold. The folloiwng test should be performed on all TTL inputs.
\item Disconnect \textbf{all cables}
\item Make sure the \textbf{TTL switch} (Figure~\ref{fig:switches}) is set to \textbf{TTL} position
\item Make sure the \textbf{pulse duration switch} (Figure~\ref{fig:switches}) is set to \textbf{SHORT} position
\item Make sure the \textbf{glitch filter switch} (Figure~\ref{fig:switches}) is set to \textbf{GF DIS} position
\item Run the \textit{pulse\} script (\textit{software/tests/pulse\})
\item The script will ask you to configure the signal generator to emit a burst of pulses.
If you use Agilent 33250A this step can be automated using the \textit{pulsegen} script (see Appendix~\ref{pulsegen})
\item If all tests were passed, flip the \textbf{pulse duration switch} to the \textbf{LONG} position.
\item Run again the \textit{pulse\} script (\textit{software/tests/pulse\})
\subsection{Power-on tests (TTL-BAR)}
......@@ -762,8 +784,51 @@ Instructions for filling in the table:
is as specified in step~\ref{item:ttlbar-meas-blo-out}
% APP: Pulse rejection validation
\section{Pulse rejection validation table}
\textbf{Pulse} & \multicolumn{3}{c|}{\textbf{Short}} & \multicolumn{3}{c|}{\textbf{Long}} \\
\textbf{Test} & \textbf{Accept} & \textbf{Reject} & \textbf{Freq. limit} & \textbf{Accept} & \textbf{Reject} & \textbf{Freq. limit} \\
\textbf{CH1} & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ \\
\textbf{CH2} & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ \\
\textbf{CH3} & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ \\
\textbf{CH4} & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ \\
\textbf{CH5} & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ \\
\textbf{CH6} & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ & $\square$ \\
Instructions for filling in the table:
\item Following the test procedure in Section~\ref{sec:proc-pulse-rejection},
tick each box if corresponding test is passed
\item Tick the \textbf{Accept} boxes if the tested channel repeats all pulses
required by the test
\item Tick the \textbf{Reject} boxes if the tested channel rejects pulses and
sets appropriate error bits after reaching the counter threshold
\item Tick the \textbf{Freq.\ limit} boxes if the tested channel rejects pulses
and sets appropriate error bits, when the input signal frequency is
higher than the accepted range
\section{Pulsegen script}
Some of the tests require a generator capable of outputting a burst of more
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