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doc/gw-test-procedure: update version numbers in commands and sample texts

parent 5c693845
......@@ -537,11 +537,11 @@ Gateware version : v3.1 (0x31)
\item Change directories to the \verb=multiboot= folder and download the binary file
for remote reprogramming for the latest release on OHWR to a new \verb=bin/= sub-directory.
For example, downloading gateware v3.0 would run like this:
For example, downloading gateware v4.0 would run like this:
cd ../multiboot/
mkdir bin
wget -O bin/conv_ttl_blo-v3.0.bin
wget -O bin/conv_ttl_blo-v4.0.bin
\item Run the \ script to download the bitstream to the flash
and issue the reprogramming command at the end (note that downloading will take
......@@ -558,10 +558,10 @@ Read from flash? (y/n) n
Write to flash? (y/n) y
Are you sure? (y/n) y
Which gateware would you like to program?
0 -> conv_ttl_blo-v3.0.bin
0 -> conv_ttl_blo-v4.0.bin
Enter your choice : 0
Selected gateware: conv_ttl_blo-v3.0.bin
Selected gateware: conv_ttl_blo-v4.0.bin
Is this okay? (y/n) y
Issue IPROG? (y/n) y
......@@ -583,9 +583,9 @@ IPROG successful!
$ cd ../diag/
$ ./
Status register : 0x00118030
Status register : 0x0011c040
Gateware version : v3.0 (0x30)
Gateware version : v4.0 (0x40)
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