From:                                         Denia Bouhired-Ferrag

Sent:                                           08 December 2017 16:33

To:                                               Erik Van Der Bij; Tristan Gingold; Javier Serrano; Claude Dehavay; Emmanuel Said; Benjamin Ninet; Maciej Marek Lipinski; Grzegorz Daniluk

Cc:                                               Dimitris Lampridis; Evangelia Gousiou; Ioan Kozsar

Subject:                                     Outcome of meeting on optical repeater design


Dear all,


Thank you for you attendance today. It was important to get your opinions on some of the design choices, and I think indeed we managed to achieve that.


Here are some notes on the main conclusions and the actions to be implemented where applicable:



This project can be followed up on task page in the HT board [1], there, you can find the slides from today’s presentation [2].


Have a good weekend,









Denia Bouhired


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